About Legacy Reborn

We are a serious, Mythic progression raiding guild on Area 52-Horde that was formed in February of 2012.

We have achieved Cutting Edge or it’s equivalent nearly every tier since Dragon Soul in Cataclysm and plan to continue that tradition in Antorus. We strictly raid two nights per week: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm-12:30am Eastern Time.

If interested in applying as a raider then please click the apply link in the upper-left. If interested in joining as a social/casual member please contact an individual of raider rank or higher in-game.

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Mythic Argus

by TheKazz, 114 days ago

Argus was this Was Going to Take Fewer Wipes

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Once we tweaked that final phase strategy, everything fell into place. Congratulations on the kill, and a big thank you to those that were patient on the bench throughout this exhausting kill. So many people contributed this tier, and we would not be so successful without everyone's help, time, and patience.

Onwards to Battle for Azeroth (after ??? weeks of farm!)

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Mythic Aggramar

by TheKazz, 189 days ago

A Taeshalach of Content is Incoming

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Argus is that there will be a content drought after we kill the next boss.

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